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  • Dearest Flylady & Alex, I've been trying to FLY for a long time. As I've been decluttering, I've been reminded of all the years that have passed where I wasn't loving myself. It's been so cleansing just throwing these unneeded reminders of my past away. And reminding me to be thankful for what...
    March 23, 2016
    Hi there, I am a 53 yr old single mom to a DD who is 12. I'm a hairdresser/salon owner and Mary Kay Consultant. I work a minimum of 6 days a week. I found Flylady through a client who noticed how stressed I was and when I told her my house is a chaotic mess, she told me about FlyLady and ...
    Dear FlyLady Melissa, I started with Flylady premium in Sept. 2015 after struggling to follow the flylady system for over 7 years! I jumped at the chance to have someone "hold my hand" through this process because I felt hopeless and like a failure that I couldn't stick with anything - I would...
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