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Now I Have Hope

Hi there,

I am a 53 yr old single mom to a DD who is 12. I'm a hairdresser/salon owner and Mary Kay Consultant. I work a minimum of 6 days a week. I found Flylady through a client who noticed how stressed I was and when I told her my house is a chaotic mess, she told me about FlyLady and "blessing your home", "it didn't get dirty in a day, it won't get clean in a day", I implemented the shiny sink and worked on getting my routines in place. I listened to Sink Reflections and heard Marla talk about FlyLady Premium on an online forum and knew immediately it was for me.

I am an intelligent woman and the FlyLady system is easy to understand. I just knew myself and when it got tough and I felt overwhelmed, that is where the challenge would be. I heard a business mentor say to get a coach. I knew I would need one. My CHAOS is so bad that I haven't been able to bring myself to take pictures. Having a mentor and the community is great! I have months of decluttering still left to do.

But now I have hope. I have learned to use a timer. I have started compiling a Control Journal. When I am discouraged and feel like I am not making any progress, I begin to notice: we have clean clothes for our bedtime routine, we don't eat off of paper plates, I buy less junk, my sink is shiny and we have much more peaceful mornings and I don't have anxiety on the way to work because I know that it will get done. I'm carrying it out a bag at a time. I'm silencing the voices from the past that told me I couldn't keep a clean house, that I'm lazy and disorganized. I'm learning to FLY!!

-Venelda, FlyLady Premium Member

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