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The Best Gift I've Given Myself

Dear FlyLady Melissa,

I started with Flylady premium in Sept. 2015 after struggling to follow the flylady system for over 7 years! I jumped at the chance to have someone "hold my hand" through this process because I felt hopeless and like a failure that I couldn't stick with anything - I would give up and start over and over!

Well, I met with my mentor, FlyLady Melissa, and she helped me by giving me a customized flight plan, she helped me to figure out where to start, what to focus on, how to do the baby steps and to realize that I needed to take it slooowly and to take care of myself and that it was necessary to pamper myself!! It makes such an enormous difference to actually talk to someone weekly who understands the way my mind works, to not judge me and my situation and to give me solutions to any and every question that I have.

I feel like taking the step to Flylady Premium was the best gift I could give myself because not only do I have my mentor to talk to, but there is daily motivation and community through the private facebook groups. It's worth every penny and then some because now I stick to my routines and they are easy! I feel like keeping house and following the system is the easiest part of my life now where before Premium, it was a the most dreaded part of my life.

-Lora, FlyLady Premium Member

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